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Door locking hardware compliments our range of intercoms and access controls for both external and internal security doors. 





Electro locks & door releases


Automated gate control panels have lock outputs for addition physical security in the closed position. These locks are included as options to automation sets, but can be used on security doors.

This group are all 'power to release' types. Gate locks are high power, so check that the power supply and relay contact rating of the access controller. 


Locking magnets


Locking magnets are 'power to lock' devices. Supplies must be DC. Most gate controllers onl have AC accessory power, but interfaces can be used to connect a magnet to a gate controller.

Magnets are rated by the maximum static weight they will hold in perfect conditions. However, a dirty surface or mis-alignment can drastically reduce effectiveness. Do not under estimated that a shock loading exerted can be many times the static weight.

Locking magnets are better suited to doors. A monitored magnet can let the access controller know that the door was not properly closed before power to lock was applied. An alarm can then be raised.

Locking magnets are 'fail insecure'. Battery backed up supplies are recommended for securty doors.

Power supplies and interfaces


DC power supplies used for locking magnets are relatively low power, but are ON for 99% of the time. All locks are inductive, so switching contacts and power supplies must be protected with EMF suppression.

Power supplies for gate locks and bolts are used for a few seconds, but at high current. Lock interfaces manage short high current pulses from a low current supply by storing the charge. 

Locking magnets on doors often use timers to extend the unlock time. so that a pedestrian has sufficient time to open the door. The access controller oftens covers that requirement with programmable relay times.


Buttons & switches & door loops


IP intercoms are video systems using digital video, with the ability to display on a fixed house monitor or a smartphone. Smartphones at home will connect by wifi to the house network. When you are out, the smartphone connects to the world network using your internet data,facility.

A smartphone needs to have the relevant app installed to accept calls. There is no call charges except the roaming data use. The householder can open the door or gate by pressing a button on the app. Various finishes are available. 

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