Industrial Gates

CAME have a range of the largest industrial motors for the most challenging projects.

Industrial  gates

Sliding gates are the logical choice for industrial gates. While the safety requirements for gates away from the highway is reduced, monitoring incursion into the risk zone of a sliding gate is relatively easy compared with a swinging gate leaf. CAME have the solution for the largest and longest gates.

BKV sliding gate motors

The BKV range sets new standards in power with control using trusted encoder technology . Motors are uprated to 36Vdc which gives more control and lower losses. 

But it is the controller that breaks new ground with force tracking and the CXN control bus. There are also plug-in options for a real time clock, CAME connect, CAME key, 


BKV sliding gate drives
Motor Weight Details
BKV1500 1500kg 200W, 36Vdc motor, 800Nm on mod.4 pinion
BKV2000 2000kg 250W, 36Vdc motor, 900Nm on mod.4 pinion
BKV2500 2500kg 300W, 36Vdc motor, 1000Nm on mod.6 pinion

FROG PLUS swing gate motors

FROG PLUS motors
Motor Length Weight Details
FROG-PM4 5.5M 700kg 230Vac, 500W, 30secs to 90deg
FROG-PM6 7M 550kg 230Vac, 500W, 45secs to 90deg


FROG PLUS motors are available with two gearbox options, PM4 or PM6. The slower PM6 moves a longer heavier gate. 

Motor have an encoder for position and stall detection. The set includes a ZM3EP controller with 3 programmable safety inputs, torque control, pressure sensitive reversal, programmable run times and slow down times. 


All industrial gates are a challenge to automate safely. Heavier gates have a higher kinetic energy than lighter gates, so require a longer stopping distance.

To ensure a large swing gate is operated safely, no personnel may be allowed in the area covered by the gate. Fortunately, industrial gates should not be in the public domain or in urban areas. Always consult your installer 

BY3500 three phase sets


BY3500 is the largest sliding gate motor available. It is rated for 3500kg gates up to 23M long. The motor is 1hp three phase in a steel cabinet with mechanical limit switches. The built in control panel takes star or delta power.

This is an old technology opener with no safety monitoring built into the control panel. There is no slow down at end of travel. 


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