Double Leaf Gates

Underground gate automation

Double leaf hardwood gate on brick piers Double leaf hardwood gate on brick piers

Underground automation kits are the premium solution for residential entrance gates. The motor mechanism is hidden, and safe from personel injury. There is a geometric slowing of the gate at the beginning and end of travel which is gentle on the gate and pleasing to the eye. 

Ram arm automation

Double leaf hardwood gate on steel posts Double leaf hardwood gate on steel posts

Ram arms sets are the economical and functional solution for all styles of gate. There are light duty models for open frame residential gates, to heavy duty types for industrial gates. Geometry is a crucial consideration. Ram arms will not be suitable for retro-fitting to some gates on brick piers. Speed is dependant on geometry. 

Articulated arm automation

Double leaf steel gates on brick piers Double leaf steel gates on brick piers

Articulated arm automation sets are ideal for retro fitting to existing gates. The motor can be fitted to an existing brick pier, allowing the arms to reach around the corner to the gate. Motors are all but invisible from outside the property. Some models have a control panel built into one side, making these sets DIY friendly.

Site considerations


The choice of motor type may be determined by the gate you have chosen, or have adopted.  Each category has options that better suit econmy or safety or usage.

Consider the location. Boarded gates in exposed areas may be subject to gusting wind that interferes with pressure sensitve safety featuress. Areas prone to flooding should avoid underground automation, because soakaways may not cope.

Some openers have built in physical stops. Lightweight gates may therefore not require a centre stop. Clients whose cars have low clearance may need to treat this as a priority.

Public safety requirements are higher in urban settings than  rural. Some gates and controllers have a higher risk. Consult your installer 



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