Sliding Gates

Secure - Economical - Space efficient

Sliding gates are space efficient, safe, easy to fit, and much more secure than swing gates. Sliding gates are the no brainer for some properties and pockets. 

The priority for residential gates is safety. BXV is the low voltage class leader for gates up to 1000kg. They support all the latest smart access controls and wireless safety devices essential for sliding gates (AD).


Older 230V models are still a popular economical option. This BX model has been face lifted for the twenties, with a new control panel.

Short drives, sloping drives, rough area. This is your page.  Planning authorities require a vehicles to be able to turn around when opening onto a main road. 


A steel framed sliding gate with timber infill ticks all the boxes. Boarded gates add privacy and security when your home is close to the road.  No wonder most continental gates are sliders!


Sliding gates do not need to have flat tops. This bow top steel gate is a smart, functional security gate on a small industrial estate. 

Site considerations

While sliding gates are space efficient and economical, there will be ground work disruption. Tracked gates will need a trench dug to lay the track and possibly surface drainage. Sliding gates may not be suitable for drives that slope across the entrance.

Cantilever gates hover over the entrance. A heavy track is fixed to the bottom of the gate, and fixed wheels roll inside that track. There is no ground track, but substancial foundations required for the bearing wheels on one side.

Cantilever running gear is often associated with industrial gates, but they offer advantages of better drainage, less disruption to existing surface, and suitable for sloping drives.

The low rolling resistance means smaller motors that offers greater safety advantages. Public safety requirements are higher in urban settings than  rural. Some gates and controllers have a higher risk. Consult your installer 

Cantilever gates

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