Smart Gate Access

Code card or key access

  • Entry by PIN
  • Entry by card

Bluetooth access

  • Entry phone contact
  • Entry from the car
  • Proximity entry

Smartphone access

  • Entry by app
  • Entry by speed dial

IP phone access













Smart access revolves around homeowners use of smartphones for entry and control of their environment. 


BLUETOOTH      Proximity to smartphone


CAME key          Controller editing tool


CONNECT             Control via an app


DIAL to OPEN     Access by any phone


XIP                              IP intercoms with cloud app


SEL-B   Bluetooth selector


The SEL-B communicates with your phone using Wifi. Download the AUTOMATION BT app and operate the gate from your phone. If enabled, your phone can open the gate automaically when it is in range. 

The SEL-B takes a multicore cable. Power is 12 or 24V ac/dc. The package is IP54 .

CAME key


The CAME key is a gateway to connect the operator to the cloud via WiFi, or locally via Bluetooth mode. Five users can be connected by Bluetooth.

The key plugs onto more recent control panels for direct access to the control panel.  There are two versions. The dark grey primary key gives direct access. The light grey secondary key gives access to the CAME connect gateway.

To use, simply plug the key onto the control panel and downloadthe free CAME SETUP App. Once connected to a smartphone or tablet the CAME key allows ..

  • Fast configuration of the device
  • Firmware updates to the device
  • Management of remotes, keypad codes, and access cards
  • Local and cloud back-up of control panel configuration



Check out the video below

CAME connect gateways


Gateways can connect the user to their control panels for monitoring, activation, or changing functions.

There is a GSM App that connects directly to a GSM receiver, which then activates a control panel by serial link or an existing remotes receiver.

The alternative smart App connects via Wifi to your home router, which then relays via LAN cable or a WiFi receiver to up to 3 control panels. 


Dial to open


Dial to open is function of GSM intercoms or a standalone GSM relay. In both cases, the device has a SIM card with its own mobile phone number.

When that number is dialed, the device opens the gate, then drops the line immediately, so there is no charge to the SIM card account.

Devices often give the option for secure dial to open, where a list of authorised numbers is kept. In this case, the "whitelist" needs to be managed. Authorised callers can be added or deleted.

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