Double Underground Kits





FROG underground gate motor FROG underground gate motor



  • Choice of steel or stainless steel boxes
  • Choice of 3 manual release mechanisms
  • Choice of 3 opening angles
  • Optional battery backup for 24V sets
  • Optional 'CAME Connect' on safety sets


Concealed solution for  private homes or apartment builldings

FROG underground gate motor kit FROG underground gate motor kit

Kit Contents

Double leaf sets have a standard set of components. Additional control devices may be added later. Additional safety devices will probably be required to pass the mandatory force test.


  • Two ground casements
  • Two motor gearboxes
  • Two manual release mechanisms
  • Control panel to suit motor type
  • Receiver card for remotes
  • Antenna for remotes
  • Two remotes
  • A set of photobeams

FROG double leaf underground automation kits are the premium solution for residential entrance gates.

Hi duty sets are necessary for apartment blocks, car parks, or gated comunities enclosing more than a dozen parking spaces.  Hi duty sets use 24V motors which have the additional advantage of carrying the battery backup option. 

Safety sets have motors fitted with encoders for positional feedback. The motors sense obstructions, and via the advanced control panel, reverses the motor direction. The controllers also have an LCD display for digitally setting every parameter.

CAME are constantly developing consumer options such as operation and monitoring via smartphone. These hi tech options are available through the safety

Double leaf wood gate on underground gate motors Double leaf wood gate on underground gate motors

A presitge set of entrance gates deserves the best. Fit a CAME Frog.

  • The invisible solution to power your gate
  • Protection rating against weathering agents IP67.
  • Foundation box in steel with anticorrosive treatment, or in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Automatic re-hooking of the release system after the gate manual maneuver.
  • Integrated, adjustable mechanical limit switches.
  • Opening up to 180° (with FL-180 accessory).
  • Set up for operation in case of power outage in the 24 V DC versions.
  • Developed with CONNECT technology for remote digital control via gateway or locally via CAME KEY.

Concealed solution for applying in private homes or apartment buildings

Max. length of leaf (m)         Max. weight of leaf (kg)

3.5                                 400

2.5                                 600

2                                    800

Protection rating (IP) 67 67 67 67
Power supply (V - 50/60 Hz) 230 AC 230 AC 230 AC -
Power supply to motor (V) 230 AC 230 AC 230 AC 24 DC
Absorption (A) 1,9 1,9 2,5 15 Max.
Power (W) 460 460 300 180
Maneuvering time at 90° (s) 18 18 9 ADJUSTABLE
Duty/cycle (%) 30 30 30 HEAVY-DUTY SERVICE
Cycles/Hour 11 MAX 11 MAX - -
Operating temperature (°C) -20 ÷ +55 -20 ÷ +55 -20 ÷ +55 -20 ÷ +55
Motor’s heat protection (°C) 150 150 150 -

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    Make sure you choose the correct number of casements and manual releases so it matches the number of motors that you need.


    Use this tool to build a FROG kit of your choice:

    -Motor and Control Panel. The panels match the chosen motor.

    -Manual release type. Choose from lever, trilobe or custom key.

    -Remotes. Choose between 2 button and 4 button, fixed or rolling code.

    -Foundation casing. 


    -Choose whether you need a radio card and/or antenna.

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