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CAME CONNECT is technology that improves your standard of living and control of your environment. Cloud connection for users represent added value and open up new business possibilities for installers.


CONNECT was launched in 2015 and is used by thousands of technicians worldwide. Today the system is even more practical, efficient and safer.


CAME has developed the data flow management and data protection required by legislation for modern systems. The data is not processed by or served from any external site, and not  located anywhere remotely.


The advanced technology guarantees high levels of security and reliability. 
CAME has invested in research and development, to simplify the work of installlers, enable system improvement, and offer new digital services.


All products marked with the new blue icon
use the CONNECT technology. 


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They are suitable for local and digital Remote control.

Internet availability allows advanced services to be set.


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Connect for technicians


Connected devices can be controlled remotely via smartphone or PC. The CONNECT platform enables a remote with a QR codes to be added or deleted over the cloud connection. So a remote can be enabled before it is sent to site!

There is also a portal for managing customers and installed systems as well as the planned maintenance. Monitor the status of the devices in real time, and to receive fault reports via the portal.

With CONNECT, the technician can a complete service 24/7, and become a reliable partner for her customers.

Connect for administrators


The CONNECT platform enables the administrator access to the user database for programming remotes. CONNECT is indispensable for the property manager, the building manager and the facility owner.

The plant manager can also check the status of the drives monitor and, if necessary, receive error messages. He can request on-site interventions from the technician or enable remote diagnostics.



Smartphone APP

Connect setup




Smartphone APP

Connect setup


Connect for the customer


The Came Connect app is available free for Android or iOS smartphones. Users can remotely control connected devices.

You can operate all connected gates, barriers, or doors with the Automation APP using simple, intuitive commands via your smartphone.

With the geolocation feature, you can track your gate open or close with an adjustable approach radius.

This is how connect works


To use CONNECT services, you just need to connect a gate. barrier, or door system to the network with a GATEWAY or a SLAVE module.

As an alternative (or in addition) to local network GATEWAY plug-in modules, CAME offer a GSM GATEWAY that is more practical for small or remote systems. It has a mobile phone SIM card with mobile data enabled.  You can view your gate system where a local network connection is unavailable.