Ram arm motors

Came make many ram types. The list below is in reverse release order. Though no longer available as part of a set, the motors and parts will remain available for the forseeable future.

  • ATS                    24Vdc and 230Vac versions, 300/500mm stroke
  • AXI                    24Vdc only, residential 300mm stroke
  • AXL                   24Vdc only, residential 300mm stroke
  • AXO                  24Vdc and 230Vac versions, 300/500mm stroke
  • AMICO           24Vdc and 230Vac, residential 300mm stroke
  • ATI                     24Vdc and 230Vac versions, with 2 stroke lengths
  • KRONO         230Vac only, with 2 stroke lengths

KRONO was preceded by CLOK. The older ATI was replaced by a new version with an N suffix. 

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