Safety Edges

               SAFETY DEVICES


for doors and gates


Safety edge options

EDG                 Resistive safety edges   

DFWIN        Taught wire edges 

DCY                   Mechanical  safety edges

RIO              Wireless safety edge sender


Safety edges are a contact device to stop or reverse the direction of a door or gate. The switch contacts presented to the control panel needs to be normally closed. Use Cat2 or Cat3 rated edges for critical risks.

The deformation before detection distance should be matched with the speed of the moving edge and the gate's reaction delay.

               EDG safety edges

system EDG

Buy in packs to assemble on site. Less time, less waste, lower cost.


Let EDG give you the edge!

Self assembly edges

CAME's new EDG system is a self assembly resistive edge with three profiles. Two conductive rubber strips connect when the edge is deformed. An 8k2 termination resistor gives the 'safe' resistance. 

EDG must be connected to an 8k2 input, or use an interface to convert to NC.


... with three heights for fast, medium, and slow moving edges

            DFWIN taught wire edges


Taught wires edges are a reliable form of mechanical safety edge. A rubber profile encloses a tight wire from top to bottom. As pressure is applied to the rubber edge, the wire is stretched, which activates a microswitch. 

DFWIN gives a NO and NC contact. An 8k2 resistor can be fitted.

            DCY mechanical edges


DCY are aluminium safety edges available in black or yellow. They are used for applications around slow moving edges. An optional rubber nose increases deformation before detection distance.

DCY's have two NC microswitches. They can be trimmed to length on site. 

            RIO wireless edge transmitter

RIO wireless sender


RIO is a range of wireless safety devices. The safety edge sender  (5)  is fixed to the gate near the safety edge. A receiver in the control panel responds when the edge is deformed.


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