VD907 - Vehicle Loop Detector - Fail Safe

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The VD907 vehicle loop detector allows "free passage" of vehicles passing overhead. These units are an installer favourite due to their small size and being self setting it's easy to install.

The VD907 is ‘Fail Safe' and is:

  • Designed for gate applications including solar powered systems
  • The detector operates on any voltage from 10 to 30 volts AC or DC

  • Draws approximately 1 milliampere while waiting for a car.

  • The power LED winks continuously once per second to indicate the detector is operating in the low power mode.

VD907 Fail Safe:  when a fault in the system is detected the VD907 will alert the gate control panel to remain closed and secure. The gate and the property will remain closed  until the fault is rectified, making it ideal for safety applications.

Removable 7-pin terminal block. Pin assignments are shown below (from left to right):

1 - Relay Normally Closed (NC) - contact opens for detect
2 - Relay Common
3 - Relay Normally Open (NO) - contact closes for detect
4 - Power Common
5 - Power In (10 to 30 volts AC or +DC)
6 - Loop
7 - Loop