STYLOS-P24 - Double Leaf 24v small telescopic arm set

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Complete kit for a pair of swing gates weighing up to 100 kg per leaf / max width 1.8 m

Motor Features:


Motor Voltage:


Max Length:


Max Weight:



CAME Connect European Standards

2 x 001STYLO-ME
Irreversible 24 V gearmotor with encoder for swing gates with up to 1.8 m leaves that weighs up to 100 kg.

2 x 001STYLO-BD
Straight drive arm and track with mechanical opening limit-switch.

1 x 002ZL92Z
Control panel for two-leaved swing gates with functions display, self-diagnosing safety devices and on-board radio decoding.

1 x 001AF43S
433,92 MHz plug-in radio frequency card.

2 x 806TS-0122
TOPD4RKS - Double frequency 4-button rolling code transmitter, black colour.

1 x 001TOP-A433N
Antenna tuned at 433.92 MHz.

1x 001DIR10
Pair of 12 - 24 V AC - DC outdoor photocells – range 10 m

  • For installations on posts with a minimum width of 8 cm.
  • Encoder-based movement control.
  • Reversible or irreversible gearmotor
  • They can also be installed close to a wall with the STYLO-BD accessory.
  • Set up for operation in case of power outage.
  • Custom-key release system.


Max. length of leaf (m)                Max. weight of leaf (kg)

1.8m                                                   100kg

1.2m                                                   125kg

0.8m                                                   150kg