FERNIE-P24 - Double Leaf 24v Gate Kit

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Complete kit for a pair of swing gates weighing up to 400 kg per leaf / max width 4 m

Motor Features:


Motor Voltage:


Max Length:


Max Weight:



CAME Connect European Standards

2 x 001FE4024
Irreversible 24 V gearmotor, with hinged transmission arm and C Max. 380 mm for swing gates with up to 4 m leaves that weighs up to 400 kg.

1 x 002ZLJ24Z
Multifunction control panel for swing gates with two leaves, graphic programming and alerts display, and self-diagnosing safety devices.

1 x 001AF43S
433,92 MHz plug-in radio frequency card.

2 x 806TS-0122
TOPD4RKS - Double frequency 4-button rolling code transmitter, black colour.

1 x 001TOP-A433N
Antenna tuned at 433.92 MHz.

1 x 001DIR10
Pair of 12 - 24 V AC - DC outdoor photocells – range 10 m

  • Encoder-based movement control.
  • Solid anodized aluminium cover.
  • Straight transmission arms for applications in limited space (item 001FERNI-BDX - 001FERNI-BSX).
  • Lever release system protected by key.
  • Developed with CONNECT technology for remote digital control via gateway or locally via CAME KEY


Max. length of leaf (m)                Max. weight of leaf (kg)

4m                                                   400kg

3m                                                   500kg

2m                                                   800kg