FAST70-S24 - Single Leaf 24v Gate Kit

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FAST70-S24 Kit
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FAST70-S24   Complete kit for a single swing gate weighing up to 200 kg / max width 2.3 m

Motor Features:

Encoder / Low Voltage

Motor Voltage:


Max Length:


Max Weight:



Intensive Duty CAME Connect European Standards Encoder Motor

1 x 001FA7024CB
Irreversible 24 V gearmotor featuring a control board with functions display, on-board radio decoding and hinged transmission arm with C Max. 200 mm for swing gates with with up to 2.3 m leaves that weighs up to 200 kg.

1 x 001AF43S
433,92 MHz plug-in radio frequency card.

2 x 806TS-0122
TOPD4RKS - Double frequency 4-button rolling code transmitter, black colour.

1 x 001TOP-A433N
Antenna tuned at 433.92 MHz.

1 x 001DIR10
Pair of 12 - 24 V AC - DC outdoor photocells – range 10 m.

  • Designed for applications with C Max. up to 200 mm.
  • Sturdy and durable with die-cast aluminium supporting structure.
  • Reducer with bevel gear for greater fluidity of movement.
  • Release system, with the possibility of remote control.
  • Developed with CONNECT technology for remote digital control via gateway or locally via CAME KEY.


Max. length of leaf (m)                Max. weight of leaf (kg)

3m                                                     400kg

2.5m                                                   600kg

2m                                                      800kg