Underground motor manuals

Spares list

FROG A/AE  230Vac



FROG-CF casement

FROGplus  motor

FROG-J  motor

Ram motor manuals

Spares list

A3000   230Vac motors

A3024   24Vdc motors

AXOac      230Vac motors

AXOdc      24Vdc motors

A18230   230Vac motor

A1824   24Vdc motor

AXI   motor

AXL   motor

ATS ac   230Vac motor

ATS dc   24Vdc motor

Arm motor manuals

Spares list

STYLO      motors

KRONO      motors

MYTO  motor

FTL     with ZL60

FTX     with ZL65

F7024   with ZL65

FAST70      with ZF1

FERNI      motors

FERNI-E  motor

Control panel manuals

Spares list

ZM3E     230V swing E

ZLJ24      24V swing E

ZL92  24V swing E

ZL60     24V swing E

ZL65      24V swing E

ZL180  24V swing R

ZA4     230V swing T

ZA3      230V swing T

ZA3P    230V swing T

ZL19N     24V swing R

ZT6     400V 3 phase

ZL37    24V barrier

Sliding gate manuals

Spares list

BXV    with ZN7

BXL     with ZL6

BX708    with ZBX7N

BX78   with ZBX74-78

BX243      with ZN2

BKV     with ZN8

BKS     with ZBKN

BY3500T  needs ZT6

Barrier manuals

Spares list

GT4    with ZL392

GARD4    with ZL39

G4000    with ZL38

GT8    with ZL392

GARD8    with ZL39

G6000    with ZL38

GARD-PT  with ZLB30

G5000     with ZL39

G12000    with ZL38

Door opener manuals

Spares list

V6000  with ZLB30


VER10/13     ZL57

V700       with ZL55  

V201    adaptor

ZC3C    for F4000

C-BY  sliding door motor  

C-BX    shaft motor

F4000     motor

Remotes & receivers

Spares list

RE432m  2ch receiver  

RE432RC    RC receiver

RBE4N     4ch receiver

TW2EE  secure remote


RBE4RC     4ch RC rec'r

Access controls

SELT1W4G   RF keypad  

SELT1NDG surf keypad

SELB1SDG       blutooth

S0002            decoder

S9000  wireless keypad

SELR1NDG    reader