AGT V200 - 840CF-0010

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AGT V200
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AGT is the handset video intercom with 5" LCD display which ensures brilliant colors and excellent video quality.
Featured by sleek lines and soft touch buttons with concealed indicator LEDs in a matte white finish.
Handset with essential lines for excellent ergonomics and magnetic hang-up that eliminates the risk of falling or incomplete contact.
The OSD function allows you to manage the image color, brightness and contrast.

Handset video intercom with soft-touch buttons, 5" LCD display, white.Wall monitor with 5˝ color LCD display equipped with OSD for adjusting video parameters (brightness, color, contrast). The 4 main touch buttons are used to manage the primary functions such as door opening, self-insertion of entry panel videos, ringtone adjustment/exclusion (with signaling LED when excluded) and the sending of an auxiliary control. It includes a bracket for wall mounting on horizontal or vertical 503 box and on Ø 60 mm round box. Compatible with 200 system.