AGT A200 EVO - 840CA-0020

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AGT is the handset intercom characterized by the essential lines and ergonomic handset with magnetic hang-up that eliminates the risk of falling or incomplete contact.
Soft touch buttons for the X1 version, traditional mechanical buttons in the 200 version, with white indicator LEDs. In the EVO version, up to 6 intercom calls can be programmed.

Handset intercom with 2 AUX keys and 4 keys for intercom calls, white. With lever for adjusting/excluding the ringer.Wall-mounted intercom with 3 main buttons for door opening and 2 programmable auxiliary controls. Equipped with side lever for ringtone adjustment/exclusion (with indicator LED when excluded). Suitable for multi-user systems as it allows up to 6 intercom calls (4 using the dedicated buttons plus 2 using the AUX buttons, if free from other functions). Configurable by means of a dedicated jumper to manage the conversation privacy. Prearranged for wall installation on horizontal and vertical 503 box and on round Ø 60 mm box. Compatible with 200 system