RIA009 - Top plate for Frog Casing


Fits all FROG casements with existing steel lids. This is the mild steel version. Stainless steel available. Fitting on site. Basic tools required...

RIA013 - Gearmotor Housing


Gearmotor Housing..

RIA014 - Gearmotor Housing Half Shell


Gearmotor Housing Half Shell..

RIA015 - Reduction Gear Shaft


Main shaft and crown wheel for FROG-A gearbox. Workshop fitting recommended. No special tools required. Takes about 60 minutes to replace. ~..

RIA022 - Screws (in plastic bag)


Screws (in plastic bag)..

RIA025 - Motor for FROGM24 (24v D.C.)


Motor for FROGM24 (24v D.C.)..

RIA027 - Magneto for FROG-M24


Magneto for FROG-M24..

RIA029 - Casing and cover in galvanised


Casing and cover in galvanised..

RIA036 - Chain for FL180


Chain for FL180..

RIA037 - Super Frog Link Arm


Super Frog Link Arm..

RIA041 - Manual release for Super Frog


Manual release for Super Frog..

RIA044 - Frog -A/AV Arm


Frog -A/AV Arm..

RIA045 - FROGA24 arm


FROGA24 arm..

RIA046 - FROG Transmission Lever


FROG Transmission Lever..

RIA047 - Box of 5 - Lever Handle for A4364


Box of 5 - Lever Handle for A4364..

RIA047S - Single Lever Release for A4364


Single Lever Release for A4364..

RIA056 - Super Frog Limit Switch assembly


Super Frog Limit Switch assembly..

RIA057 - Frog Limit Switch


Frog Limit Switch..

RIA058 - 24V Reed Swith Disc


24V Reed Swith Disc..

RIA059 - Magnetic Deceleration Switch


Magnetic Deceleration Switch..

RIA060 - Driven Arm for Frog JC


Driven Arm for Frog JC..

RIA061 - Motor Assembly with Motor Shaft for FROG ONLY


RIA061 - Motor Assembly with Motor Shaft for 230v FROG motors.If replacing a FROG-AE, RIA083 (Encoder) is required. ..

RIA063 - Motor Assembly for FROG AL


Motor Assembly for FROG AL..

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