Spare Parts

Spare Parts

List of spare parts

RIA015 Motor crown wheel shaft for FROG-A


Main shaft and crown wheel for FROG-A gearbox. Workshop fitting recommended. No special tools required. Takes about 60 minutes to replace. ~..

RIA016 Intermediate shaft for FROG motor


Intermediate shaft and whith bearings for FROG-A gearbox. Easy to replace on site saving the need to disconnect cables. The motor must be lifted free first. Only basic socket set required. Takes about..

RIA042 release hooking lever FROG-A


Release coupling lever for FROG-A Manual release..

RIA043 gate fixing for Frog-B casement


Replacement part for FROG-B casement. This part is welded or bolted to the bottom of the gate. Fitting on site and welding and heavy lifting usually required. The gate will definately need to be lifte..

RIA059 limit switch for FROG-A24


This microswitch is fitted to a plate on the older FROG 24V motors. It is the newer version. Spare part. Refer to the sales team for advice. Fitting on site. Basic tools required. ~..

RIA062 - Motor windings for FROG-AV


Replacement part for FROG-AV motor winding. Check motor type first because there are two speed options. Fitting on site. Basic tools required and electrical competance. Takes about 40mins to change. ~..

RIBK002 mod.4 pinion for BK series


Replacement pinion for Came sliding gate mootors BK1200, BK1200E, BK1200P, BK1800, BKE1800, BK800. ~..

RIR090 transformer for torque motors


This is the standard transformer used on ZA3, ZA4, and ZA5 control panels, and in BX motors BXA, BXB, BX74, BX78, BX10. ~..

ZA3P - 240v ZA3P Circuit Board


240v ZA3P Circuit Board (New)..

ZA5 - PCB for control panel


PCB for control panel..

ZBK - Control Panel for BK12/18/2200


Control Panel for BK12/18/2200..

ZBK-8 - BK1200P spare part


BK1200P spare part..

ZBK10 - Control Board For BK221


Control Board For BK221..



PCB for ZBKE..

ZBX-24 - Circuit board for ZBX-24


Circuit board for ZBX-24..

ZBX-8 - BX-P spare part


BX-P spare part..

ZBX-E24 - Circuit board for ZBX-E24


Circuit board for ZBX-E24..

ZBX-EN - 240v Sliding Gate Control Panel


240v Sliding Gate Control Panel..

ZBX10 - PCB Board for ZBX-10 Control Panel


PCB Board for ZBX-10 Control Panel..

ZBX74 - PCB Board for ZBX74


PCB Board for ZBX74..

ZBY15 - PCB for control panel


PCB for control panel..

ZC5 - PCB Board for Cat Barrier


PCB Board for Cat Barrier..

ZD2 - Control Panel for BX246


Control Panel for BX246..

ZF4 - 230v Control Panel For New Fast Motor FA40230


230v Control Panel For New Fast Motor FA40230..

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