VD964 – ‘Magna Presence OR Pulse’ Vehicle Detector


VD964 is dual purpose vehicle sensor for the centre of a road with an isolated output. VD964 zeros to the local environment each time it is powered up.Magnas recognize vehicles by their..


VD961 - 'MagnaPulse' Free Exit Vehicle Detector

£142.08 £177.60

VD961 – ‘Magna Pulse’ Free Exit DetectorVD961 is a road sensor set in the centre of a road suitable for opening an automated gate. Exit sensors give a pulse on a N/O isolated contact when the veh..


VD962 - 'Magna Presence AND/OR Pulse' Vehicle Detector

£161.28 £201.60

VD962 – ‘Magna Presence AND/OR Pulse’ Vehicle DetectorThe VD962 is a stand alone digital Presence sensor. Magnas recognise vehicles by their ferrous content.  All parameters are self setting to s..

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