AXO-P3 - Double Leaf AXO Gate Kit - Upto 3m Each Leaf

AXO-P3 - Double Leaf AXO Gate Kit - Upto 3m Each Leaf

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001AX302304 230 V Motor 2 001AF43S Frequency Card (433,92MHz)1 001DIR-10 Pair Safety Photocells1 002ZM3E Control Panel 1 001TOP-432EV Radio Remote (433,92MHz)2 001TOP-A433N Antenna1 Ideal so...
001AX302304 230 V Motor 2 
001AF43S Frequency Card (433,92MHz)1 
001DIR-10 Pair Safety Photocells1 
002ZM3E Control Panel 1 
001TOP-432EV Radio Remote (433,92MHz)2 
001TOP-A433N Antenna1 

Ideal solution for fitting on gates in apartment block and residential settings

The new Axo series features motors suitable for a multitude of applications. Features include built in end stop adjustment and with the ZM3E and ZLJ24 control panels, full euronorm compliance in both 230 V and 24 V versions.
  • Tested in compliance to parameter established by the current norms.
  • The 24 V versions can also operate during power outages.
  • Available in both reversible and self-locking versions.
  • The worm screw is always protected thanks to its dedicated cover.
  • The 24 V versions have a simplified connection system with a single three-conductor cable for managing both motor and encoder.
  • Encoder technology for managing slow-downs.
  • Adjustable mechanical stops for memorising gate run.
  • Supporting diecast aluminium half-shells.


Customised solution? With Axo you have made the right choice

Ideal for swing gates of different sizes: to 7 m in length per leaf. Quick, easy installation even where space is limited by the presence of walls or fences.


Electromechanical is better

Axo is an electromechanical operator in the best Came tradition. It does not require periodic lubrication and is designed to be always ready for use, even in the worst weather conditions.



  • For installers: easy connection with only one cable with three wires (24 V version); EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.
  • For users: fully adjustable gate run and slowdown management, ensuring safety and reliability.

The customised choice

The Axo range is characterised by the 6 versions available, with different levels of performance and power, designed to meet all requirements in terms of application and use, to create a system that is always “customised”.


No more blackouts

Axo's 24 V control board automatically detects any power failure and activates emergency operation with the backup batteries (optional), to open and close the gate in every situation.