FERNI (Articulated Arm)

FERNI (Articulated Arm)

The ideal solution to apply to large gate posts in residential or apartment block settings.

Ferni is the optimal solution for gates mounted on pillars where the motor-hinge centre distance can be quite large. Its unique transmission lever provides a simple and effective solution to the movement issues affecting such gates.

  • Innovative design for a high-end product engineered to meet market demand.
  • Elegant, sturdy and modern, anodised aluminium cover.
  • An EN tested product, for both the 24 V DC and the 230 V AC versions thanks to the encoder-based electronic management.
  • Standard articulated-arm, but the straight arm is also available when fitting in settings where space is limited.
  • Practical hatch-door for accessing the release.
  • High degree of protection from weather agents.
  • The versatile solution for the limit-switches is testimony to ease of installation and connection.
  • Available also in the version with a manoeuver time of 18 seconds.

Versatile on large pillars

Ferni is simple to affix to leaves up to 4m in length in the presence of large pillars, where the distance between the front of the column and the hinge of the gate can reach up to 30cm. Robust and powerful, it can be equipped with a jointed or telescopic straight arm, which can be adapted and positioned according to the specific application and size of the fixture.

The “double face” operator

Exclusive “double face” end run system, making installation and adjustment even more practical and convenient. Depending on the location of the gearmotor (on the right- or left-hand column) it is possible to position the microswitches in the most suitable position.


  • For installers: EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.
  • For users: safe, smooth performance, free from oscillations; flexible solution with straight arm to reduce the dimensions in the presence of obstacles, such as fences and walls near the gate.

Total control

  • Safe management of leaf movement and slowdown stages with encoder technology that accurately detects the presence of any obstacles along the leaf route
  • Self-diagnosis of safety devices before each movement

FERNIE - P - Double Leaf Gate Kit


001FE4030 230 V Motor  2 001AF43S Frequency Card (433,92MHz)1 001DIR-10 Pair Safety Photocells1 002ZM3E Control Panel 1 001TOP-432EV Radio R..

FERNIE - S - Single Leaf FERNI Gate Kit - Upto 4m Leaf


001FE4030 230 V Motor  1 001AF43S Frequency Card (433,92MHz)1 001DIR-10 Pair Safety Photocells1 002ZM3E Control Panel 1 001TOP-432EV Radio R..

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