Garage Door

Garage Door

Automation systems for overhead and section doors of up to 9m2 and 14m2

Vertical tracked door

Horizontal tracked door

Sectional door

Roller shutter

Characterised by vertical guides fixed to the door frame sides. The counter balancing is usually by a torsion spring fixed to the top of the door frame. A bow arm convertor must be fitted to these doors when fitting the Foresee openers.The door guides run horizontally into the garage from the top corners of the door. There are counter balance springs on arms each side of the door. These doors are ready to automate with all Foresee door openers.Sectional doors have a curved track with vertical and horizontal sections. A counter balancing torsion spring is mounted on the top of the door frame, lifting the door by cables from it's bottom corners. These doors are suitable for all Foresee door openers.Roller shutter doors slide inside channels fixed to the vertical door frame. The door roll is usually fixed inside the garage behind the lintel, but needs a higher internal ceiling. Motors are usually built inside the door roll with any counter balance springs. Some motors are mounted on the end of the door roll. It takes more space, but is more accessible.

FORESEE Spare Part | Belt Drive Link/Torpedo


Belt Drive Connector/Link/Torpedo..

FORESEE Spare Part | Chain Drive Link/Torpedo


Chain Drive Connector/Link/Torpedo..

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