GARD3 (G324VDX Kit) barrier for 2.7m roadway

GARD3 (G324VDX Kit) barrier for 2.7m roadway

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001G3000DX (or SX) 24v barrier unit with built-in control panel - 001ZL30 1 001G03001 3m barrier arm with soft profile1 001G04060 40mm balancing spring (GREEN)1 001G02807 Fixed support for b...

001G3000DX (or SX) 24v barrier unit with built-in control panel - 001ZL30 1 
001G03001 3m barrier arm with soft profile1 
001G04060 40mm balancing spring (GREEN)1 
001G02807 Fixed support for bar1 
001G02801 Flashing light1 
001DELTA-SI Pair of safety photocells1 
001G02802 Support bracket for photocells1 
001G03003 Bar fitting and plastic cover1 
001G028401 Lighting strip for bar7m 
001G028402 Lighting strip cable1 

The ideal solution for intensive vehicular traffic conditions. Passage clearance up to 2.75m.

  • A modern style barrier, aesthetically perfect for any setting.
  • The LED dome-shaped flashing light and the photocells can be integrated into the cabinet to ensure safety as well as durability.
  • Protective cover, in the version with G03002 round boom, guarantees maximum safety when the boom is in motion.
  • 24 V DC power supply is the ideal solution for ensuring intense duty cycle operation.
  • Available with special accessories for detachable boom to use in applications where safety is a priority.


Gard 3: road barrier for fast entrances

Fast entrance management in public car parks, hospitals, highways.

  • opening of the entrance gate in 0.9 seconds
  • access control up to 2.75 meters wide
  • reinforced steel construction with corrosion prevention treatment and electrostatic powder coating offers durability and maintenance over time of aesthetic features
  • management of passive inertia typical of fast movements, even with intensive use
  • modern design that can be easily integrated into different architectural contexts
  • elliptic or round bar limits the sail effect



  • pre-ready for accessory mounting directly onto the barrier
  • high visibility LED flashing light built into the barrier dome
  • reinforced cabinet with anti-rust treatment and painted steel or AISI 304 stainless steel
  • dedicated control panel with encoder technology
  • differentiated spring balancing system for opening and closing
  • opening and closing motion speed with independent control
  • intensive service guaranteed by the 24 V DC  gearmotor
  • optional battery for operation in case of power failure


Dedicated control panel

Total control and optimization of the service.

  • display to show the programming functions
  • movement control and obstacle detection
  • auto-diagnosis of safety devices connected to the system
  • possibility of connection to a UPS or back-up unit to ensure operation in case of power failure